October 13, 2018

Redrun 6

In the Dead of VIrginia City, Nevada

Venue : Virginia City
Time : Noon
State : Nevada
Contact Website : http://www.redrunvc.com


Redrun is one of the most authentic zombie events on the planet in one of the most haunted locations in the world. The high-speed, riddle-solving race will take you inside the buildings and across the desolate landscape of a living ghost town. This run is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The combination 5-mile, relay, escape room, capture-the-flag, color run twists through historically haunted and off-the-grid destinations. You will fight through zombie hordes. You will face obstacles. You will decipher puzzles and collect clues along the way. Your mission: find the one person immune to the virus, and prove you are not the one who contaminated the vaccine with the poison of the dead. It won’t be easy. The outbreak is spreading and suspicions are rising. You’re going to have to dig deeper to survive. Get ready to run like hell.

Chapter VI

We thought the virus was contained. But during the Game Warden’s contest for survival, someone contaminated the vaccine. Their identity unknown, the stronghold has begun to break down. Society is crumbling under suspicions and the outbreak of infection. The one person immune to the virus is the only hope of salvation. The Puzzle Master’s blood will save you. But the Game Warden has placed him in hiding. You must use your brains and physical stamina to reveal the coordinates to his concealed location. The path devised by the Warden and the Master won’t be easy. You will run through the hills of Virginia City. You will face obstacles. You will fight through the zombie hordes. You will go inside the buildings and landmarks of a haunted ghost town. Only then will you prove you are not the one who spread the poison of the dead. Only then will you be able to get the cure directly from the source. Only then will you be safe from purgatory and the damned.

You thought you were just playing a game. You were dead wrong.