October 13, 2018

Redrun 6

In the Dead of VIrginia City, Nevada

Venue : Virginia City
Time : Noon
State : Nevada
Contact Website : http://www.redrunvc.com



Redrun is a twisted, riddle-solving race in the most authentic living ghost town in the world. On October 13th, the eerie landscape of Virginia City will transform into a vast apocalyptic breakout room crawling with the flesh-starved dead. You will compete against your fellow survivors. You will explore the depths of the paranormal. You will be timed. Your team will be tested. Find the clues. Keep an eye on the clock. Just remember to watch out for the living dead.

This is a fast-paced test of your wits set on a 5k course. This is an experiment to reveal your team’s strength and unity. To solve the riddles, find the clues, and crack the code you will delve into haunted century-old buildings, old mines, famous landmarks, and the history of Virginia City. And you’ll do it all while hunting for the living dead. The landscape will be a challenge both mentally and physically. This is not just a run, it is also a scavenger hunt. This is a whole new game of survival. Be ready. Not everyone can emerge victorious. But in the dead of Virginia City, everyone wants to hear you scream.



The outbreak plunged society into chaos and decay, turning the dead into hunters of human flesh. The government tried to stop the outbreak, but all medical and military personnel were eradicated. Now, only a few pockets of civilization remain. Downtown Virginia City is one of them. Four years after the outbreak began hope came to this stronghold. A vaccine to stop the infection was somewhere in the hills around them. A group of survivors braved the cannibalistic corpses and rotted landscape to find it. They returned to the refuge triumphant but, shortly after their arrival, a man with a twisted sense of entertainment took over.

He is known simply as The Game Warden. He controls who gets the medicine, using it to enslave and manipulate the living. Only those who have proven their loyalty to him have been given the vaccine. The rest are forced to do his bidding, and they’ve grown restless under his oppression. Those who live healthy and free within the compound are bored. To entertain his followers and maintain his rule, The Game Warden created a game to riddle the very humanity out of its competitors. The Game Warden created The Hunt.

The Hunt pits groups of un-vaccinated survivors against each other in a timed, mind-bending game through the chilling landmarks of VC. The prize – the vaccine and freedom. The Game Warden is not going to make it easy. He will do anything to keep his power…even if it means sacrificing the safety of the stronghold to the flesh-starved dead.  He will group you together, torment and parade you before a vast audience of his followers before launching you into his game.  It’s a launch you will never forget.

The Game Warden is keeping much of the game a secret. Here’s what he will tell you:

– This is one of the most extensive tours of an authentic living ghost town ever
– The clues will be hidden in some of the most haunted locations in the entire United States
– The riddles will be based on the history of Virginia City
– You will be hunted by the living dead
– You will hunt for the living dead
– You have to complete the game as fast as you can
– You will compete against the clock and other teams
– Your launch into The Hunt will be an event you will never forget
– Zombies are a critical part of the launch and the final code
– The goal is to crack the final code and get the vaccine
– The Hunt is a one-of-kind, one hell of a good time