July 7, 2017

The Coors Light 48hr Boneyard Blast

Reno, Nevada

Venue : Reno's Sports Complex, Golden Eagle Regional Park, Shadow Moutain
State : Nevada
Contact Website : http://www.boneyardblast.com/

The All World Sports Boneyard Blast series is among the largest softball events known to man. You will play at any hour. You will party. You will lose your voice. You probably won’t survive. Just don’t forget to play softball.

This event has sold out each year and each location hosts more than 150 teams from all over the country including, California, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Montana, Oregon, Utah and even Canada.

This event is truly the Mardi Gras of softball running as a non-stop party with games taking place at any hour of the night or day. Events include homerun derby, hitting accuracy, speed competitions, beer belly, tattoo, mullet contests and that is just the very beginning. This event gives away more than $30,000 in prizes in a variety of unexpected ways.

The Coors Light Boneyard Blast enters it’s 11th year. More than 150 teams play on three complexes and 14 softball fields throughout the Reno area in Northern Nevada. Golden Eagle Regional Park is the largest recreational park and is ranked among the top complexes in the nation.