July 5, 2019

The Coors Light 48hr Boneyard Blast XIII

Reno, Nevada

Venue : Reno's Sports Complex, Golden Eagle Regional Park, Shadow Moutain
State : Nevada
Contact Website : http://www.boneyardblast.com/

The Greatest Softball Event on the Planet.   155 teams.  48 Hours.

Because of the demand of this event make sure you get in before you blink because it will be sells quickly!

All World Sports’ “Coors Light 48hr Boneyard Blast” is among the largest softball tournaments known to mankind. You will play at any hour. You will lose sleep, your voice, your mind and you probably won’t survive.

Boneyard is home to the Nation’s largest Homerun Derby, Team Homerun Derby and only Hitting Accuracy Contest. A massive kickoff bracket reveal, live music, DJs, Giant Beer Pong, Pimp My Bat, fastest beer, Fowling, a mess of random contests, dancing, beads and streaking? Hey, it’s happened. Let’s just say this is softball’s largest party and the greatest softball event on the planet, all in the heart of a city that doesn’t rest. On top of all of that . . . you won’t believe the size of our unmatched prize lot! We have so much stuff we don’t even know how to hand it all out. It’s random . . . and ALL weekend long. Boneyard XII will feature an ever more diverse tiered prize packages for each division.

More than 150 teams will experience Boneyard across 3 different complexes, including the Nation’s largest and top-rated field turf complex, Golden Eagle Regional Park. The City of Reno Sports Complex and Shadow Mountain grass facilities are newly renovated and in pristine condition. Before Boneyard XII, the City of Reno Sports complex will install a completely renovated infield playing surface with new clay and dirt. Men’s and Coed play into three divisions, Gold, Silver and Bronze, with MVPs, and Gold Gloves. All Tourneys and Final Four is awarded in each. The rules change in each division, so pay attention! Almost everyone makes it to Sunday.

All Night Tourney. All Night Everything. Just Don’t forget to play softball.