October 6, 2019

The World Championship Outhouse Races (Championship Sunday)

Virginia City, Nevada

Venue : C Street
Time : 10am
State : Nevada
Contact Website :

This is one time and place where potty humor is accepted and encouraged – the 30thannual World Championship Outhouse Races. This free event dates back when outdoor plumbing was outlawed in Virginia City, angry residents took to the streets with their outhouses in protest, and a tradition was born. This hilarious event pits teams of costumed outhouse racers against each other in an all-out potty race pushing their home-made outhouses down C Street toward the toilet paper finish line to claim the latrine title. The Parade of Outhouses begins Saturday at noon with races immediately following.

Interested in racing? The races challenge teams of three costumed outhouse racers to zip down C Street, the town’s main drag, and hit the toilet paper finish line first.