6 years with a developing story line that made this event completey different year after year. With more than 7,000 runners and 20,000 attendees, Redrun became Liquid Blue Event’s signature event.  Due to scheduling conflicts with other contracted events, in 2019, Redrun was put on hold. With the virus curently under control the threat of another outbreak is always looming.

 Redrun is the most authentic zombie run on the planet. Virginia City is not a theme park. It is considered among the most haunted places in the world. You will fight your way through some of the most chilling landmarks ever documented including cemeteries, a century-old ranch, mining bunkers, corpse-like buildings and down the center of one of the oldest “living” ghost towns in the country – all while trying to escape the abominations of Armageddon. This will be the most frightening run of your life.

Redrun Story Development

2013: REDRUN 1 – the Living Dead rise from the ground.

2014: REDRUN 2 – the CDC attempt to control the spreading.

2015: REDRUN 3 – all military and medical forces are eradicated as the Living Insane gather humans to feed the dead.

2016: REDRUN 4 – A cure has been found in limited supply and to protect it from getting in the wrong hands it was hidden in the depths of the hills of Virginia City. The few remaining survivors set out to find the hidden vaccination and search for human salvation

2017: Redrun The Hunt: Now, only a few pockets of civilization remain. Downtown Virginia City is one of them. Four years after the outbreak began hope came to this stronghold. A vaccine to stop the infection was somewhere in the hills around them. A group of survivors braved the cannibalistic corpses and rotted landscape to find it. They returned to the refuge triumphant but, shortly after their arrival, a man with a twisted sense of entertainment took over. He is known simply as The Game Warden. He controls who gets the medicine, using it to enslave and manipulate the living. Only those who have proven their loyalty to him have been given the vaccine. The rest are forced to do his bidding, and they’ve grown restless under his oppression. Those who live healthy and free within the compound are bored. To entertain his followers and maintain his rule, The Game Warden created a game to riddle the very humanity out of its competitors. The Game Warden created The Hunt.

2018: Redrun 6: Bloodline We thought the virus was contained. But during the Game Warden’s contest for survival, someone contaminated the vaccine. Their identity unknown, the stronghold has begun to break down. Society is crumbling under suspicions and the outbreak of infection. The one person immune to the virus is the only hope of salvation. The Puzzle Master’s blood will save you. But the Game Warden has placed him in hiding. You must use your brains and physical stamina to reveal the coordinates to his concealed location. The path devised by the Warden and the Master won’t be easy. You will run through the hills of Virginia City. You will face obstacles. You will fight through the zombie hordes. You will go inside the buildings and landmarks of a haunted ghost town. Only then will you prove you are not the one who spread the poison of the dead. Only then will you be able to get the cure directly from the source. Only then will you be safe from purgatory and the damned.

You thought you were just playing a game. You were dead wrong. You’re going to have to dig deeper to survive. Be ready to run like hell.